HBA, along with MBIA worked tirelessly during this Legislative Season on your behalf.  Below are just some of the bills we either monitored, supported, or opposed on the Hill:

HB 26 - Revise Board of Housing Loan Services Laws

HB 27 - Revise agricultural valuation laws related to property under a residence

HB 29 - Require parcel to be at least 1 acre for valuation as agricultural property

HB 30 - Remove voted levies approved after creation of TIF from tax increment provision

HB 74 - Revise property tax reappraisal laws

HB 76 - Amend laws related to remittance of tax increment

HB 160 - Assign warranty responsibility to registered contractor for work under contract

HB 200 - Revise laws regarding shared equity properties

HB 222 - Revise laws related to insurance and storm damage repairs

HB 227 - Provide funding for middle grades career and technical education

HB 245 - Require timeline for review of final subdivision plat

HB 250 - Require county and school district approval for adoption of TIF provision

HB 300 - Exempt Townhouses from certain subdivision sanitation regulations

HB 308 - Provides tax credit for businesses with apprentice programs

HB 317 - Allow for public hearing for first minor subdivision

HB 339 - Revise laws related to exempt appropriations of water

HB 359 - Limit tax increment financing revenue to local mills

HB 365 - Revise underground utility laws

HB 368 - Establish setbacks for wells and lagoons

HB 396 - Revise laws related to tax increment financing

HB 403 - Revise TIF laws to require remittance if increment exceeds certain level

HB 407 - Revise sanitation in subdivisions rule requirement

HB 411 - Revise TIF laws regarding use of tax increment

HB 413 - Revise law related to use of tax increment financing

HB 416 - Generally revise local government subdivision review ("Hard Look" Bill)

HB 445 - Revise local government subdivision review ("phasing" bill)

HB 455 - Review nondegradation rules for subdivisions

HB 456 - Clarify timelines for subdivision review

HB 457 - Exempt certain lot redesigns from Montana Subdivision and Platting Act

HB 507 - Generally revise laws relating to review of sanitation in subdivisions

HB 510 - Revise exemptions from sanitation in subdivisions review

HB 557 - Sanitation & Subdivision to sink up timelines and processes

SB 27 - Amend TIF laws related to public hearings and reporting

SB 79 - Revise laws regarding rural improvement districts for road maintenance

SB 98 - Establish property ownership fairness act

SB 125 - Provide exemption for large increase in property value

SB 130 - Revise tax increment finance laws

SB 187 - Revise workers compensation to allow termination of payments due to fraud

SB 221 - Create presumption for insurance accidents caused by construction

SB 248 - Revise laws regarding exempt wells and family transfer parcels

SB 266 - Revise subdivision approval time extensions

SB 269 - Require determination of sufficient information in subdivision application

SB 275 - Revise construction industry in workers compensation premium credit program


SB 298 - Exempts Amish from Work Comp

SB 303 - Revise Veteran Home Loan Program

LC 227 Establish a property right Ombudsman program

LC 1169 - Referendum for local infrastructure.  Allows local levys.

LC 1886 - Exempt wells water volume

LC 1887 - Exempt wells combined appropriation