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Career Center High School Students Completed Their 41st Year of Student Built Home Project:  

 Garage Mural   Bedroom Mural



42 Years Strong...Billings High School Students Successfully Complete Construction on their 41st House

For 42 years, the Home Builders Association of Billings has partnered with the Billings School District’s Career Center to give local high school students the opportunity to learn by doing.  Each year students of the Billings Career Center are responsible for building a house, which is then put on the market and sold to fund the following year’s project.

All aspects of construction are lead by Billings Home Builders Association members and Career Center instructors.  The Home Builders Association of Billings feels very fortunate to be able to provide 60 to 100 Billings area students each year an opportunity to make memories and learn valuable skills that can be built into a worthwhile career. 

The students had the opportunity to showcase their talents to the Billings community during the HBA Showcase of Homes in May.  Students, instructors, and Home Builders Association members were on site to answer questions about the Career Center Project and this year’s home.

For the students, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, providing students a sneak peak at what life would be like with a career in the building industry.   Students are given the chance to find out what kind of projects they enjoy by working on various aspects of the home.  One student explains, “Before this class I thought about becoming a sheet rocker, but roofing seems appealing as well.”

Aside from the fundamental construction, design work is a large facet in the planning and building process. Led by Instructor Tamara Larson, the interior design class creates design elements that make the house into a home. Landscaping completes the project, bringing all of the elements together to create a house to call home.

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